Gypsy Jazz Guitar Technique: Wasso’s Waltz

Would you like to live in Montreal and study guitar with me? click here! Click here to watch a performance of this waltz. It’s not often that I have time to practice guitar, but I was hired to create a backing track for a waltz by Dutch Gypsy musician, Wasso Grünholz. So I took the day off yesterday from my usual routine to practice and record this challenging piece. I went the extra mile by recording the twin lead parts so that I can share my transcription with you guys. For those who don’t know him, Wasso Grünholz is the uncle of Stochelo Rosenberg (the brother of his mother). He is related to many of the best Gypsy musicians; his father was Latscheben Grünholz, whose brother was Piotto Limberger. Piotto’s grandson is Tcha Limberger. In Gypsy … Continue reading Gypsy Jazz Guitar Technique: Wasso’s Waltz