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Teaching and sharing is extremely important to me. Time permitting, I offer lessons in a variety of formats, be they one-on-one lessons, skype lessons, and/or group lessons.

I have very specific philosophies when it comes to music and teaching. I have a number of articles on this site explaining these philosophies. I will reference them as needed on this page, so that you can make an informed decision. You might find yourself opening a bunch of links to read my ramblings, so I do apologize for that, but good information simply  cannot be summarized in one paragraph.

We’ll get to the business aspect of it first. While I have specific rates, I also offer special discounts for talented musicians with limited financial means. While 100% of my income is derived from musical activities, money has never been my priority. When I’m able to, I am happy to help out. Don’t be shy. Simply get in touch with me, and we’ll try to work something out.

That said, my current rate is 60$ CDN / hour.

People who come from out of town can also potentially live with me (comfy private bedroom) for short and/or extended periods of times. Again, contact me, and we’ll work out the details; discounts can also apply. Click here for more information.

Interested in Skype lessons? Click here for more information.

Sincerity is extremely important to me, and as such I will openly say that my lessons may not be for everyone. For starters, most of my students in the past years have mainly be professional musicians or aspiring professional musicians. I am open to teaching beginners or hobbyists, but I have a different set of teaching philosophy for that.

I specifically teach to my strengths, as any good teacher should. My specialties are:

Beware the teacher that claims to teach and play all styles; such a person doesn’t exist, and it’s a scam. Think of teachers as lawyers (minus the lacking soul part – just kidding); you hire a lawyer for his/her knowledge and ability to access such knowledge in an efficient manner. The truth is, technically, yes, I could teach, for instance, bluegrass, even though my knowledge of it is limited, but you would be better off going to a good bluegrass player. To me, music is more than just notes and rhythms, it is also a culture and community. There is a blues community, a bluegrass community, a heavy metal community, a Gypsy jazz community, etc (and we’re not even getting into the sub-genres!); these communities go far beyond licks and the theory explaining the genre. You’re better off going to an expert rather than someone who fakes his/her way through a genre.

Although, I am fairly knowledgeable about a variety of styles, Gypsy Jazz is where I’m most comfortable; I have been immersed in the community for a long time and have acquired an encyclopedic knowledge of the style. I am confidently able to answer all questions pertaining to the style. If you come to me for Gypsy Jazz lessons, you waste no time in getting the correct knowledge.

Please read some of the linked articles above, and below for more information! When you’re ready, just get in touch with me!


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