Q: Hey brah! What’s the difference between the store on this site and the DC Music School store?

A: There are certainly overlapping similarities between both stores, but essential this site onlu deals with my musical universe. DC Music School features a wide variety of teachers in various genres. I would even dare say that it’s somewhat more formal than this site.

You can buy lessons featuring me as a teacher on both sites, but many of the lessons that you will find here are lessons that I had a hard time categorizing for DC Music School. I think you’ll find a much wider variety of lessons on this site than on DC Music School. You can also buy non-lesson related material such as music, videos, etc.

Q: I bought lesson X from DC Music School that looks similar to lesson Y on this site. What’s the difference? Should I get both? Are you trying to rip us off?

A: No, I’m not trying to rip you off. You may indeed find overlapping material here, but you’ll notice the pricing difference between both sites. DC Music School lessons tend to be extremely detailed and in-depth. While I believe that the lessons on this are also very informative, they may not be as jam packed with information, and therefore the pricing may be different. The way the information is shared may also be different. Whereas DC Music School is generally exclusively video based or audio based, the lessons on this site may come in a greater variety of formats, such as ebooks.

I would certainly not ask people to buy two similar items from both sites. It depends on how people like to learn and what kind of budget one has. I strongly believe in the spirit of sharing, and try to price things as fairly as possible. Even though this is how I make my living, money is not everything to me, and my goal is first and foremost in creating a variety of high quality products and making them as accessible as possible for the world.



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