When in Montreal, I have 24/7 access to a private recording studio. I created this studio to be able to work on my video lesson projects in a more comfortable environment.

In the past, when I’ve booked recording studios -even those that claimed to be “professional” studios, I often had issues with external sound interference as a result of poor sound insulation. A lot of my projects require booking multiple hour sessions for many days, and the more high end studios would charge a hefty fee for use of a small soundproof room.  Therefore, I decided to take matters into my own hands and built a well insulated and professionally acoustically treated recording space.

The gear that I use is all high end.


Interface / Preamps:

I have access to a variety of instruments (guitars, basses, mandolin, ukulele) to suit the needs of different recording projects. In fact, I have access to the entire Godin Guitars collection.

That said, I should clearly state that I am not a professional recording engineer nor do I consider myself to be one. Everyone and his grandmother can call themselves a musician, or sound engineer, but very few truly possess the training and experience to earn the title. I will certainly not try to pass myself as one! All I can say is that I’ve learned from real engineers in the past; I have received advice by talking to them, and having recorded in high end studios. I know my way around enough to do my personal projects, and that’s it. You can listen to some of my works in various parts of my site, which will be linked in this page when necessary and judge for yourself.

That said, I do offer various recording services for those interested:



If you’re on this site, you probably know that my biggest specialty is the music of Django Reinhardt, Gypsy Jazz, swing/pre-war jazz. If you need recordings in any of these styles, I can definitely help you out! Whether you need custom backing tracks, or are recording a song in any of these styles, I can provide the instrumental parts. I am extremely knowledgeable about how these styles should sound and can help with the overall arrangements.

Unless it is highly specialized, I can also provide general guitar/mandolin/ukulele/electric bass recordings in a variety of genres as well. I have extremely good relative pitch, I learn extremely quickly, and am very knowledgeable about music in general. If you need strummed chords (guitar/mandolin/ukuklele) for your cool pop song, a simple electric guitar solo for your epic rock ballad, or whatever in between, I can help you out. Quality and sincerity are my priority. If for some reason, I feel that I cannot provide the right services, I can happily recommend someone in my large network of professional musicians that is right for your project.


Although it is not a commercial recording studio, when not being used, I can rent out the space to professional musicians for considerably cheaper than just about any good recording studio in Montreal.

As I’ve mentioned, I’m not a recording engineer, therefore, while I can do the tracking for your session, you can also do it yourself, or bring in an engineer. The engineer can bring his/her rig, or you can use my computer, a 2013 12-core Mac Pro 32 GB RAM, running Logic X or Protools 10.

You can hear some of the recordings that I’ve made and judge whether you would like to use me as the tracking engineer. It’s something that I enjoy doing and it’s always a learning experience for me. Otherwise, I can happily recommended other engineers if you want to be extra safe.

Get in touch with me, and we’ll work out the details.



Audio editing is something that I am very good at. Not all professional recording engineers are good at this, especially if they don’t have the extensive musical training necessary for the job. I know where to make the right cuts and edits, and I am extremely fast at this. Nonetheless, one can only do so much with what one can work with. The playing should be as good as possible from the start; editing should really just be for fine tuning. That said, I have access to manipulation plug-ins to help correct certain things. If something is out of tune, I can correct it, if there is a wrong note in a chord, I might be able to fix it, depending on the recording quality.

If you tracked the audio in another studio, and need to have editing done, unless the recording engineer has extensive musical knowledge (and quite frankly, graduating from a musical school doesn’t mean anything) I’d highly suggest coming to me. I can teach you how to do this too. Needless to say, for maximum efficiency, I highly recommend that you be present during the editing process.


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