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Producing Bireli Lagrene’s instructional videos

I spent the past month preparing the lesson materials for the official Bireli Lagrene instructional videos, which will one day (please don’t ask when) be available at DC Music School. It was a bit of difficult task considering the number of styles and instruments that he plays. Furthermore, we are dealing with a 100% self-taught musician with very little knowledge of music theory, if any. When producing “In The Style Of” videos, my goal is to stay true to the personality of the artist. I avoid making them talk about things they wouldn’t really say. Nonetheless, I usually spend some time coaching the artists on how to communicate their ideas, or I gently push them in a certain direction. Bireli’s musical development is without a doubt more than impressive; however (and the interviews confirm it), behind all […]

Recording Mike Rud

Today was a fun day in the studio. I’m finalizing my preparations for the Bireli Lagrene instructional videos. To test my electric guitar setup, I invited the great Canadian jazz guitarist Mike Rud to record a few tunes. Mike Rud won a Juno (Canadian version of the Grammies) award for best Vocal Jazz Album in 2014. In this recording, Mike is playing a beautiful archtop guitar built by Montreal luthier Martin Tremblay. I wanted to test a few scenarios to see which one worked best for video recording. In this first instance, Mike is playing a solo number on voice and guitar. I tried to place the microphone behind the camera, or out of the camera view, but I wasn’t satisfied with the sound. Furthermore, I couldn’t find my pop filter, although I was able […]

Gypsy Jazz Lessons

Please read the lessons page for general information about my lessons. So Gypsy Jazz interests you, and you don’t know where to start. You may have many questions concerning Django Reinhardt and Gypsy Jazz. You have read a lot of contradictory information on the Internet and you are more confused than ever. I can help you navigate the ambiguous world of Gypsy Jazz. For many years now, I have been deeply involved with this style of music, and the Gypsies who play it; you can read more about this in my bio. To me Django Reinhardt is not necessarily Gypsy Jazz, and even then, the term Gypsy Jazz can mean different things to different people. I would suggest that you read some of my articles on these subject matters: Sinti Culture Django Legacy, the birth of Gypsy […]

Music Lessons in Montreal, Quebec

Please read the lessons page for general information about my lessons. Did you somehow stumble on this website but don’t really know who I am? You can read about me here Hello friends from far away land!  If any of you would like to come to Montreal, Quebec to study with me, you can possibly stay with me. I live in the heart of Montreal, in a neighbourhood called the Plateau. I have two very comfy private guest room, and you will be very close to all the hot action in Montreal. These lessons are for reserved for serious and respectful students only. I simply ask that guests respect a few basic house rules, which we will discuss via email. As we would be living with each other, it’s important that we be on the same […]