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Please read the lessons page for general information about my lessons.

While I very much prefer giving lessons in person for various reasons, I do offer various forms of Internet lessons. We can do Skype, Facetime, or you can send me questions, and I can make a custom video lesson for you.

Coaching is a huge part of my lessons. The coaching process happens when we play together; I listen and observe carefully, and give you feedback. Unfortunately, that is not possible with any of these Internet options. The next best thing is to have you film yourself playing over backing tracks. Before we start any lesson, I would like to hear you play so that I can prepare the optimal lesson for you.

I allow and highly recommend that you record our Skype/Facetime sessions so that you can review them at any time. You can also always email me anytime if you have questions regarding any of the material that we covered.

For custom made video lessons, it’s the same process; I would still like to hear you play. Afterwards, you can send me specific questions, and I will do my best to answer them for you in the custom lesson. The length of the video lesson may vary depending on what you want me to cover and how much time it would take me. My rate would depend on the length of the video, with a minimum fee of one hour. There will be no nasty surprises when working with me, I will let you know well ahead of time if something would take me more than an hour. Furthermore, as with my live lessons, I don’t necessarily count time; even if the lesson extends past an hour, I may not necessarily ask for two hours worth of wages.

However, if you have a simple question that can be answered fairly quickly, I have been known to answer many such emails for free, time permitting.

If you would like to know more about my lessons, please read the various articles on this website.

Rates are available in the lessons page.




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